As software continues eating the world, winning companies are the ones that can innovate and deliver software rapidly and efficiently.

Traditional software engineering functions often take months to turn an idea into reality - and even then, releasing a new version is a high-risk event.

Instead of months, we enable our clients to turn their ideas into reality in hours. We inject DevOps capability into delivery teams to facilitate repeatable, reliable and continuous software deployments.

We help clients on their journey towards Continuous Delivery, cloud native architecture and true DevOps culture.

We are based in London, but operate across the United Kingdom and globally. Founded and led by a seasoned technologist, Releaseworks was born to help organizations release better software, faster.


Miiro Juuso


Versatile technical leader with a 15+ year background in software development, networking and infrastructure. Founder of 3 start-ups.


Tel. 020 3475 0990

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Jenina Juuso

Talent Acquisition & Marketing

With a background in graphical design and education, Jenina looks after our talent acquisition and marketing initiatives.





David Bien

Cloud Engineer

David is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Developer. In addition to Terraform, Python and Kubernetes, his top skills are karate and speaking fluent Japanese.