Augment & Enable

High-performing software delivery teams release software faster, more frequently and with less defects.

We believe that the only way to succeed is building these capabilities internally - therefore our role as a partner is always transformational.

Our experts integrate with existing delivery teams, helping your team release software faster with DevOps tools and methodologies.

Hand in hand delivery

We work with your team in your offices (unless you prefer otherwise), and instil the right culture and ways of working.

Our experts pair with your team to use industry-leading DevOps tools, to upskill and create sustainable capabilities.


Agile platform engineering

Our experts make an impact from day one. We set a direction according to your desired outcomes, and then get our heads down and hands dirty to deliver the work.

We pause regularly to briefly inspect if we’re still going in the right direction, and adapt accordingly.

Measurable business outcomes

We believe there should be no separation between “IT” and “business”. We are technology experts, but all our work is driven by clear business objectives.

At the beginning of an engagement we agree a set of metrics to measure impact and success.


Global tour operator


Our consultant worked with a leading global tour operator to plan a migration of their £1B web platform into Amazon Web Services. Our consultant led a global team of 4 solution architects and 10 platform engineers to create a migration approach and validate it with a trial run.

Technologies: AWS, Jenkins, Chef

Length of engagement: 4 months

Hotel chain

2016 - 2018

Our consultant worked with a global hotel chain to deliver a strategy and approach for increasing software delivery team velocity.

Our three-tier team augmentation approach built the organisation’s maturity in Continuous Delivery, increased consistency in quality and testing, and enabled delivery teams to make use of infrastructure automation via self-service interfaces.

Another output was an On-Demand Environments solution that enables delivery teams to create short-lived testing environments automatically.

Technologies: AWS, Packer, Ansible, Rundeck, Python

Length of engagement: 8 months

Group of airlines


Our consultant worked with a group of airlines to build a passport-less travel Proof of Concept. Our consultant led a lean delivery team that created a product vision, roadmap, and technical implementation for an iOS digital wallet application.

Our consultant also designed and built a serverless backend architecture using AWS API Gateway and Lambda with Terraform and Python.

Technologies: AWS, Terraform

Length of engagement: 12 weeks

Academic journal publisher


Our consultant took over a siloed team of 4 platform engineers, and re-aligned them with delivery teams to start creating a DevOps operating model. Our consultant led the effort to migrate and rightsize 200+ legacy servers in AWS.

Additionally our consultant delivered a Jenkins-as-a-Service platform to enable engineering teams to migrate away from an unstable Atlassian Bamboo estate.

Technologies: AWS, Jenkins, Puppet, Bamboo, Terraform, Ansible

Length of engagement: 8 months

A fintech start-up


A financial services technology start-up commissioned our consultant to perform a security-focussed review into their microservice-based architecture on Amazon Web Services.

The outputs were a review report with a risk assessment, and a prioritised, categorised backlog of security improvements that the delivery team embedded in their product backlog.

Technologies: AWS, Elastic Container Service, Docker

Length of engagement: 1 week

A global bank


A global bank commissioned our consultant to conduct an architecture and ways of working review of their recent project. The output was a review report with an architecture overview, observations and recommendations to improve velocity of software delivery.

Technologies: AWS, Cloud Foundry, Docker

Length of engagement: 8 weeks

A national bank


In the midst of a replatforming project, a national bank requested our consultant’s assistance to validate their direction in regards to technical architecture, deployment processes and ways of working. After an initial assessment, our consultant helped articulate a technical roadmap, milestones, and a deprecation plan for their existing 3 legacy platforms.

Technologies: Cloud native architecture

Length of engagement: 12 weeks

European insurance provider


Our consultant worked with a leading European insurance provider to shape an application architecture and a delivery pipeline for a new product.

Technologies: TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, cloud native architecture

Length of engagement: 4 weeks

International fashion retailer


A well-known fashion brand commissioned our consultant to take them to the cloud. The outputs were a cloud adoption model, environment strategy and a strategic technology implementation to enable migration of their estate into Azure Cloud.

Technologies: Azure, Docker, cloud native architecture

Length of engagement: 12 weeks

National fashion eCommerce retailer


Our consultant worked with a large group of fashion eCommerce sites to reshape their cloud adoption strategy and replatforming approach.

Technologies: AWS, Terraform, cloud native architecture

Length of engagement: 3 weeks